Apr 01 2017

Trail Report April 1,2017

The Chittenden area received  over a foot of heavy wet snow in the last 24 hours.  Paul has been out in the groomer as well as the folks over in Pittsfield. Spring conditions prevail so please ride with caution.  Ride Safe and “Ride Smooth”

Mar 30 2017

Trail Report March 30,2017

Riding remains rideable in higher elevations. With the snow in the forecast  it may just be a decent weekend to ride. Keep your eye on the sky, pick up some fuel just in case. You can always dump in the car if the sled doesn’t need it.  If you choose to ride please use caution spring conditions prevail. Ride safely and “Ride Smooth”.

Mar 25 2017

Trail Report March 25,2017

Spring riding remains quite good in Chittenden. Recent sleet ,freezing rain and a little wet snow has helped out. The hard snow of a few days ago has given way to nice soft conditions. Please be aware of some thin areas and possible obstacles that pop up as we wind down our season with variable conditions. Please ride safely and “Ride Smooth”

A group of friends enjoy a chat up on Blood Root Men.

Mar 24 2017

Trail Report March 24th 2017

The trails in Chittenden have been groomed well. Thank you Paul,Gwen and Jack. Heading down to Pittsfield was a bit rough but you can still get down no problem. Chittenden is nice and flat with spring conditions with an occasional thin spot,exposed area on south facing areas. It is currently snowing and a few inches of heavy wet snow should sweeten it up. Ride safely and “Ride Smooth”.

Mar 21 2017

Trail Report March 21,2017

Lots of snow in the hills of Chittenden.Spring conditions with thin spots where the sun has hit it. Overall decent riding however there are a few thin spots with an exposed rock here and there especially in lower elevations. The Dammers groomer has been out and has hit many areas with the drag. Cold temps tomorrow will firm it up so watch overheating and bring your scratchers !!. Looks like we will be riding for the forseeable future. Ride safely and “Ride Smooth”.

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