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Feb 05 2018

Trail Report February 5,2018

Riding is back on in Chittenden.!! Two recent snow falls have once again made riding possible on the Chittenden Dammers trails. The first 6 ” Friday got things rolling and … read more

Jan 21 2018

Trail Report January 21,2018

Warming temps and weekend traffic has given the trails a good beating. With the forecast for the next 10 days it looks like we will be taking a mid season … read more

Jan 20 2018

Trail Report January 20th,2018

Riding remains available in the Chittenden area, it was nice to see quite a few riders out enjoying a fine January day. The firm ,icy base remains intact along with … read more

Jan 18 2018

Trail Report January 18,2018

The recent moderate snowfall of 3 to 5 ” has helped the cause. The  snow has made it rideable for those willing to do so with caution. Paul & Jack … read more

Jan 14 2018

Trail Report January 14, 2018

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