Category: Trail Report

Mar 25 2017

Trail Report March 25,2017

Spring riding remains quite good in Chittenden. Recent sleet ,freezing rain and a little wet snow has helped out. The hard snow of a few days ago has given way … read more

Mar 24 2017

Trail Report March 24th 2017

The trails in Chittenden have been groomed well. Thank you Paul,Gwen and Jack. Heading down to Pittsfield was a bit rough but you can still get down no problem. Chittenden … read more

Mar 21 2017

Trail Report March 21,2017

Lots of snow in the hills of Chittenden.Spring conditions with thin spots where the sun has hit it. Overall decent riding however there are a few thin spots with an … read more

Mar 19 2017

Trail Report March 19,2017

Another beautiful day in the greater Chittenden area. As you may have guessed the trails are quite bumpy at the moment after all the traffic, the boiling springs trail((right at … read more

Mar 18 2017

Trail Report March 18,2017

Lots of happy  riders out today enjoying mid March riding. Chittenden has done some grooming and will be going at it again next week to keep the season going as … read more