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Jan 20 2016

First photo of completed new sign post!

All the signs were hung by the Dammers with care…

We were going to just groom to the Smoking Tree. Then we saw this virgin trail. He asked what I … read more

Oct 24 2015

Test Picture Post

First post using smugmug photo.

Lefferts… read more

May 01 2015

Stats for Hits to the Website


Web stats correlate with snow depth or maybe web traffic matches trail traffic. Have a great Non-Snow season and lets hope the next Snow season is as great as … read more

Mar 07 2015

Girls Day Out Photos

Girls day out

By now you’ve heard of Gwen. She has been helping out with grooming and submitting photos. You may also know she gets out and rides as well. … read more

Feb 21 2015

New Grooming Shots from Gwen

Small Drifts

More great shots of the trails have been uploaded to the Grooming gallery in our SmugMug site. See more photos of the trails that were recently described by … read more