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I am the Chittenden Dammer’s website developer. Even though I am not a snowmobiler, I have heard lots of great things about Arlyn Phillips, seen pictures of him out on the trail grooming but never actually met him. I gather his contribution to the club was considerable and on top of that, he was a great guy! It seems to me folks just enjoyed his company as much as his stellar grooming.  There have already been posts about Arlyn and comments of his great character. Here are all the posts about Arlyn.

Okay, but I’d like to hear some stories. I can see in the photo gallery, he often took passengers with him when he went out grooming. I know Dave Dutton went with him at least once. Surely these passengers have some memories of these grooming trips with Arlyn. I’m asking them to share their stories with the other club members.

Snow doesn’t always get smoothed without a hitch. There must be times when Arlyn really saved the day, managed to repair the groomer in the nick of time, helped out a snowmobiler in distress. Share some details with a story telling why Arlyn was such a popular guy. I want to know and I’m sure your fellow club members would like to know too!

Arlyn Phillips

Arlyn Phillips

Please write your comment in the Remembering Arlyn Phillips Photo Gallery post which I have stuck to the top of our blog to make it easy to find. Browse the photo gallery for some inspiration. Write more than one if you want. You can even start a back and forth conversation with another commenter. While you are looking at the gallery, you may notice there should be more photos there, like your own. You can upload your own with our upload link and we’ll put them in the right gallery for you. Got a whole bunch of Arlyn, the Trailmaster? Upload them all and we’ll make another gallery with your name on it. See some folks in the photos you know that should be pointed out? The photos also have comments where you can name folks, point something out or  ask a question. Have fun with it and share this  post with others who may have some memories to share of Arlyn as the Chittenden Dammers Trailmaster.