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Bridge Replaced, the Start of 2019 Trail Work

Gwen has posted photos of the bridge replacement project in the new 2019 Trail work gallery on SmugMug. For a sample, the beginning and end shots are but the gallery shows the whole process and the folks who contributed their time. Here’s Gwen’s description: “The Chittenden Dammers installed a  new bridge Friday and Saturday, June …

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“Ingerman Bridge,” a Correction

As it turns out photos of this bridge from Doug in our SmugMug site are not the Blue Ridge Trail Bridge as mentioned in the post View all Blue Ridge Photos but are the Ingerman Bridge in corridor 7 behind the dam. It is quite a bridge. Check it out at SmugMug and hopefully you’ll be crossing it …

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Bridge Name Resolved

This is indeed the Blue Ridge Trail Bridge.

Name for Wooden Bridge

Doug also added another batch of photos to SmugMug of a smaller wooden bridge. I have made a gallery for them as well and added a sample slide show below that links you to the real gallery where you can see the photos full screen. The trouble is, Doug left a name for the gallery, …

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View All Blue Ridge Photos

Doug has uploaded quite a few photos of the Blue Ridge Trail bridge building to our SmugMug site. I have moved them to their own gallery. Here is a sample slideshow which also acts as a link to the new gallery. Once there you can see the photos in full screen glory! Nice job Doug …

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