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Chittenden Trails Are Now Closed. March 10,2020

Due to recent warm weather the Chittenden trails are now closed.

Chittenden trails closed

Unfortunately this warm weather has made us close our trails down.

Trail Report March 3,2020

The trails in Chittenden remain firm flat and in great shape. The lower elevation feeder trails are still in OK shape however with approaching warm temps use caution in the lower elevation areas.Riding in the high country should remain good for the foreseeable future. Ride safe and “Ride Smooth”.

Trail Report February 29,2020

The trails are reported to be in great shape and  groomed in Chittenden and Pittsfield. Recent snow has really helped .Enjoy it while we can…. Ride safely & “Ride Smooth”.

Trail Report February 28,2020

The lower elevations in Chittenden received about 2 inches of heavy snow with about 6 up  in higher elevation areas. The snow helped patch it up in lower areas but use caution as obstacles may be covered by thin snow cover.With colder  temperatures riding should continue to be good in higher areas with cautious access …

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