VAST Snowmobile Club of Chittenden, Vermont


​The Chittenden Dammers board of directors and officers welcome you to the 2023/2024 snowmobile season. We have had a busy fall trail prep season with lots of trail clearing as well as lots of bridge work. We are grateful for our hard-working group of volunteers who have diligently attended Saturday workdays. Our sport continues to thrive in our area with much credit due to this healthy and growing group. The Chittenden Dammers remain one of the top clubs within the VAST organization due to the efforts of this team.

Members and Land Owners

​Thank you to all who participate whether it be through membership or time commitment. A big thanks go to generous Land owners who share use of their property; please be courteous when riding on other people’s land. Let’s not forget our long-standing working relationship with the US Forest Service with whom we work closely and who manage much of the land we are permitted to ride on.

Community Service

​The Chittenden Dammers organization is committed to community service and has become more than just a snowmobile club. This past year the club assisted in numerous community events with a common goal of reducing food insecurity in our area. The club, spearheaded by Paul Vazzano, completely renovated the Pittsford Food Cupboard which serves citizens in Pittsford, Proctor, and Chittenden. Also, a ”Concert for the Community” featuring Livingston Taylor and Tod Pronto was held in June at Mountaintop Inn; proceeds will also go to address local food insecurity. Stay tuned for more local events which are proving to be fun and entertaining and above all beneficial to those in need in our immediate area.

Ride Smooth!

​Enjoy the fantastic trails in Chittenden with expert grooming provided by Paul Racine and a new state-of-the-art groomer, facilitated by hard work of club members, but above all your support by being a sustaining member of the Chittenden Dammers snowmobile club. When you become a member of the Chittenden Dammers, you are not only “Riding Smooth” but also helping others less fortunate in our area. Enjoy and have a safe winter!

Get Your TMA’s at VTVAST.ORG

The Chittenden Dammers TMA’s are now available only through VAST.  If you have questions or need assistance, call Charlie at (802) 353-0789.