VAST Snowmobile Club of Chittenden, Vermont


The Chittenden Dammers board of directors and officers welcome you to the 2021/2022 snowmobile season. We have much to be grateful for. Our sport continues to thrive in our area with much credit due to our healthy and growing group of volunteers that maintain the trails, keep equipment in tip-top condition as well as perform a plethora of administrative and organizational tasks that insure the club remains one of the top snowmobile clubs within the VAST organization. Thank you to all who participate whether it be through membership or time commitment. A big thanks go to generous land owners who share use of their property; please be courteous when riding on other people’s land. Let’s not forget our long-stand working relationship with the US Forest Service whom we work closely with and who manage much of the land we are permitted to ride on.

A New Groomer!

Tucker Turbo GroomerAs you may know the club achieved a dream-come-true with the new Tucker Turbo groomer, housed in the club’s new shed, purchased with hard-earned club funds and generous grants from VAST and USDA. This machine will provide many years of “Smooth Riding “ for thousands of riders from near and far. The word is out about the fantastic snowmobiling in Chittenden.

Trail Maintenance

Trail Maintenance Crew

This fall a voracious group of volunteers have been out most Saturdays clearing brush, maintaining bridges as well as completing larger projects like the North Pond trail-widening project. This is all in the name of creating and maintaining a trail system enjoyed by many on a year-round basis.

Regular participant and photographer, Gwen, has been documenting the volunteer’s work on SmugMug so you can see what they’ve been up to.

Snowmobiles parked at Mountin Top Inn

Snowmobiles parked at Mountin Top Inn

Active Chittenden Dammers members have been helping to keep snowmobiling alive and well in Chittenden, Vermont. Among those are Amy and Charile who will be keeping us all informed of news and trail conditions on this site’s blog so be sure to subscribe to receive email notifications of new blog posts. Amy will also be posting updates to our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Get Your TMA’s at VTVAST.ORG

The Chittenden Dammers TMA’s are now available only through VAST.  If you have questions or need assistance, call Charlie at (802) 353-0789.

The Chittenden Dammers Dam Good Time?

Information yet to come. Stay tuned…

Think Snow!

Savor the wonderment of the changing seasons and winter that we are able to embrace with enthusiasm. Please remember it’s all in the name of fun; safely “Ride Smooth”!

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