Bylaws of Chittenden Dammers, Inc.



Section 1. Name

This corporation shall be called CHITTENDEN DAMMERS, INC. and shall be a non-profit organization. Hereinafter called the corporation.

Section 2. Purpose

A nonprofit corporation that centers around all the positive attributes of snowmobiling and all the camaraderie and enthusiasm that it creates within the membership and using these attributes to assist in raising funds and performing acts of charity, including but not limited to: preventing cruelty to children or animals, the distressed or under privileged and relief of the poor, locally and regionally.

To promote and encourage better relationships between snowmobilers and landowners.

To promote and encourage the preservation and protection of our natural environment.

To educate snowmobilers, young and old, in safe and proper snowmobile practices.

Promoting the development of recreational areas for the use of snowmobiles
within the greater Chittenden area.

To represent snowmobilers and landowners in matters concerning their common interests.

To promote effective snowmobile legislation.

Report on and assist in correcting all acts or attempted acts to degrade snowmobiling.

To assist in emergencies.

DEFINITION – Snowmobile means a motor driven vehicle designed to travel over ice or snow in whole or in part by skis, belts, or cleats.


This corporation shall be managed by a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and a Board of Directors consisting of (4) members.


Section 1

Directors shall be nominated at the March meeting and elected by the members at the April meeting.

Section 2

Officers shall be nominated by the members at the March meeting and elected by the Directors at their April meeting.


Section 1

The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected annually for the term of one (1) year to commence at the beginning of the next fiscal year.

Section 2

New Director(s) shall be elected each year for a term of four (4) years. The Director having one year left on his/her term shall be Board Chairman during the ensuing year.


Any officer or director missing two (2) consecutive meetings, without a proper excuse, shall be considered inactive and their term shall be ended automatically. Candidacy for this office shall be declared open and voted upon by the members for replacing a director or the directors if replacing an officer at the next scheduled meeting.


Section 1. President

The duties of the President shall be to officiate and preside at all meetings, appoint all committees, to be ex-officio member of all committees and the Board of Directors, to provide active leadership in the club and to assist and carry out the recommendations of the Board of Directors and club members.

Section 2. Vice President

The duties of the Vice President shall be to officiate in the absence of the President and to assist the President in carrying out his/her duties.

Section 3. Secretary

The duties of the Secretary shall be to keep a record of all club meetings and activities, to keep a current record of club membership and to be responsible for all correspondence.

Section 4. Treasurer

The duties of the Treasurer shall be to collect all dues and monies intended for the club, to make authorized disbursements and to maintain accurate records of all transactions.

Section 5. Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of this club and shall manage its affairs, subject to approval of the members.


Section 1

The Trails Coordinator and Groomer Coordinator positions shall be elected annually for the term of one (1) year, nominated by the members at the March meeting and voted on by the Directors at the April meeting. The positions can be held simultaneously by one individual.

Section 2

The duties of the Trails Coordinator shall be to coordinate all matters regarding the trails between federal, state and local agencies and the corporation and its members. Responsibilities are more fully described in the supplemental club document entitled “Trails Coordinator Duties”.

Section 3

The duties of the Grooming Coordinator shall be to maintain all grooming equipment, schedule all grooming operations, train and approve groomer operators and work with the Trails Coordinator on trail construction and maintenance projects or any other items as directed by the Trails Coordinator.


The corporation shall be a membership corporation. Any person interested in joining the club must visit the VAST website ( and either:

Purchase a TMA and select “Chittenden Dammers Inc.” as the local club during the purchase process.

Or purchase a club only membership and select “Chittenden Dammers Inc.” as the local club during the purchase process.
Once either of these actions including payment is completed, the membership is considered active.

Section 1. Dues

All members shall pay dues as set by the Directors. The dues will be collected via the purchase of a TMA or club only membership through the VAST website.

Section 2. Regulations

All members shall obey all state laws governing snowmobiles and the club reserves the right to suspend any member for violation of state laws and club bylaws.

Section 3. Discipline

Disciplinary matters shall be brought before the Board of Directors. If a disciplined member objects to the decision of the Board of Directors, he/she may appeal his/her case to the club members present at the next meeting of the members.


Section 1

Regular meetings of the members will be held each month as set by the Directors. The April meeting shall be the annual meeting. Directors’ meetings will be held prior to the regular club meeting to discuss issues to be brought before the membership at the regular meeting.

Section 2. Special Meetings

The President may call special meetings of the members, officers or directors, when necessary, but must give at least ten (10) days’ notice.

Section 3

Any questions or procedures shall be by Robert’s Rule of Order.

Section 4

Properly notified meetings shall be the only time any issues may be voted upon.

Section 5

A majority vote by two-thirds (2/3) of the club members present shall carry a motion.


These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of club members in good-standing, present at a regularly scheduled meeting or the annual meeting and with the amendment having been presented in writing at the previous regular meeting or emailed to members no less than 15 days prior to a regularly scheduled meeting.


If the CHITTENDEN DAMMERS, INC. should disband or discontinue for any reason whatsoever, any and all bona fide liabilities shall be satisfied, and any material assets sold prior to any distribution. Any and all assets shall be donated to the following 501(c)(3) entities with the respective percentage:

Chittenden Volunteer Fire Department (25%)
Child First Advocacy Center of Rutland County (15%)
Rutland County Humane Society (15%)
Open Door Mission of Rutland (15%)
Rutland County Snowmobile Club (15%)
Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST) (15%)

These entities must be an active 501(c)(3) with both the Federal and State government. In the event one or more is not at the time of distribution, the board will determine and vote on a replacement. If that is not possible, the funds will be split equally among the remaining qualifying entities. The liquidation process must be completed within the parameters of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code or any future amendments to that code.


The corporation shall operate on a fiscal year ending May 31 of each year.


The club and its Officers and Directors are in no way liable for any actions, injuries or accidents of any kind to members, guests or personal property.


The corporation shall not discriminate in any way against membership, business dealings regardless of Gender, Color, Race, Sexual Orientation, or Ethnic Origin and the corporation shall be all inclusive. This shall include but not be limited to membership, advertising, communication and treatment of members, visitors, tourists and general operating methods. The corporation shall share and engage in fellowship and commingling of objectives and ideas regardless of Gender, Color, Race, Sexual Orientation, or Ethnic Origin.

Revised: May 2021