About Our Blog

About Our Blog

This is the Chittenden Dammers Blog where you will find trail condition reports as well as News and Announcements. Comments are open so please use them courteously as members of all ages can read them. First time commenters will have to wait for their first comment to be moderated before it is posted but successive comments will post immediately.

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Being Social

The Chittenden Historical Society wrote about the Chittenden Dammers,

In the early days of snowmobiling, the club was very active socially, but the club has gradually become quieter. Technology may have played the biggest part. With the advent of better, more reliable machines, people are more likely to go out on the snow alone, whereas in the old days they needed each other,

in their book, Chittenden, Vermont: A Town History. See the entire chapter quoted on our history page. Though it may be true technology has brought us sleds that are reliable enough to allow solo excursions, it has also brought us easier communication via the internet and our mobile devices. Help bring “social” back to our club and participate in discussions in our blog, or on Facebook and Twitter.

Your primary source for information and means of sharing your snowmobiling experience with fellow club members is this website including our SmugMug photo sharing pages. Email, Text Messaging, Facebook and Twitter allow you to share your interest in the sport with your friends whether they are Chittenden Dammers or not. At this writing, “sharing” buttons are easily accessed with buttons on the left margin of your browser window. “Follow” buttons are in the upper right corner and we have provided links to both our Facebook and Twitter pages on the main menu bar.

Blog Author

The primary author of this blog is our treasurer, Charlie Robbins, who can be reached at the contact address on Contact Us page. Any club members who would like to author the blog or take over managing the photo sharing site, please contact Charlie. See you on the trails!