Trail Report April 11,2018

  The trails are now closed and the gates are in the process of being locked. If you want to get one last ride in we hear Woodford is still pretty decent. 


Trail Report March 30,2018

   With the advent of warm temps and steady rain we do not recommend riding at this time. The trails are technically open but conditions have deteriorated rapidly in the last 24 hours. This will be my last trail report baring a good snowfall ( which is possible). Thanks for being a Chittenden Dammer we hope you had a great season.

Trail Report March 27,2018

   Riding in the Chittenden area remains quite good especially as you get in the higher elevation. Lower elevation areas are impassible for the most part , please respect all of our valued landowners and please don’t rip up their property . Pittsfield has closed all valley riding so sorry no riding to the Clear:(. March has been super and still going for those willing to ride loops . We will continue grooming as long as it is possible.

    Lets see what April brings, forecasters are calling for cold with possible snow the first two weeks in April .It ain’t over until it is over April 15th. Ride safely and “Ride Smooth”

Trial Report March 24,2016

Get it while you can. Riding in Chittenden remains excellent. Well groomed and firm . We rode into north Chittenden down to Pittsford and it was excellent as was the Pussinkill area and out to Rt 73. Please ride safely and “Ride Smooth”.

The trail between Chittenden and Wildcat road has some very rough spots and if you are planning on riding Shrewsbury, you may want to park at the VAST lot on Rt 4 near Cortina Inn.

Trail Report March 20,2018

  It’s the first official day of spring but you would think it is mid winter in Chittenden. Conditions on the Chittenden trails never better. Grooming was underway last night preparing a riding surface nearly perfect. A few Dammers did the 100 mile loop around Bridgewater ,Plymouth ,Shrewsbury ,Mendon. Conditions good in all higher terrain, logging in Bridgewater as well as south facing made for some rough going for a mile or so also getting in and out of Ramuntos pizza was pretty thin but once back on the trail towards Plymouth all good.A couple of pics of the group enclosed Ride Safe and “Ride Smooth”.






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