Chittenden Dammers Trail Work Day Saturday October 20 th

   The Dammers trail crew will be meeting at Paul & Gwen’s 87 Mt Top Road at 8:00 AM  this Saturday October 20th . The plan is to clear & de brush from Whiskey Hollow from the Dam Rd to the  pit. Gwen’s Chuck wagon is closed for the season. A big Thank You to Gwen for many great times at the wagon.

Trail Work Day Saturday October 13th



 The Chittenden Dammers trail crew will be meeting at the old Snow Angels parking lot just past Cortina at 8:00 AM.  Thank You to ALL who have been working with the Trail Crew.

Peak Foliage Trail Work Day

Boat crossing the reservoir

Boat crossing the reservoir.

Another work day entry from Gwen. Looks like they had a productive day! Chances are there was food too since Gwen was there. Her words follow:

The Dammers had another work day this past Sat with 10 volunteers. We started at Chittenden Dam parking lot (4) and made our way past Lefferts Pond and to Wild Cat Rd (4/7). We found an uprooted tree which is right in the middle of the trail, another plugged culvert, several downed trees and of course lots of brush. Another trail cleaned!!! Doug taught Heide how to run a chainsaw so it looks like Doug may be handing the reigns over to Heide. We had 3 chainsaws running and a pole saw that Tim kept busy. The leaves showed lots of color and the day warmed up nicely. Maybe a bit too warm. 

Chittenden Dammers Trail Work Day October 6,2018

     The Trail Crew will once again be heading out to clear brush etc. This week meet at the Chittenden Dam parking area at 8:00 AM bring your ATV and chain saw and other brush cutting tools. Lunch provided by Gwen Racines chuck wagon which is always a treat.

Photos from Work Days

This is a photographic report of the trail work. Gwen has uploaded photos to our 2018 Trail Work album on SmugMug from the work days so far and sent along the following description.

As of today the Chittenden Dammers have had three work Saturdays to start getting the trails in shape for the upcoming season. The trails that have been cleaned and de-brushed are: Carmel, 73, 73A, Bloodroot, 7, 7A and around Chittenden Dam. We’ve found downed trees, plugged culverts and lots of brush. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for the next few Saturdays as there’s still a lot left to do.

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