Meeting Reminder April 2,2019

   Don’t forget Chittenden Dammers Meeting

Tuesday April 2,2019 @ 7:00 Mountain Top Inn Tavern

Trail Report March 31,2019

Trail Master Doug Todd informed me that all lower elevation trails in Chittenden are now closed. There is still some riding in the higher terrain however getting to that may be difficult. We thank you folks for being Chittenden Dammers it’s been a really good if not excellent snowmobile season. Lets hope for another good one next year”.Keep Riding Smooth .”

Trail Report March 26,2019

Now is the time to get your end of season riding in .The higher elevations are in great shape with declining conditions in lower elevations. If you are planning to go down to Pittsfield you will be greeted with lots of bare ground and marginal conditions. Dropping at the Chittenden Dam is your best bet and head up the quarry trail or towards the gravel pit . With warm days this week better get out before it’s gone.Pictured a group of club members and others gather for sunset on Bloodroot Mountain to honor the life of Robby Southworth.

Trail Report March 22,2019

Spring storm is as advertised, riding is good, just use caution as in some places the trail has shrunk a bit. Though spring conditions prevail, it should be a good weekend to get some late season riding in. Ride Safely and “Ride Smooth”.  Pictured is Top Of Mt Carmel 10:30 Am

Trail Report January 21,2019

The trails in the higher elevations remain quite good with an intact base. J Rod and Paul rode last evening and enjoyed it. With the prediction of snow and cold for the next week it looks like we will be back at it in a big way. The elevations above 1500 feet and higher are promised to get a good dumping of snow followed by cold temps for the weekend so get some fuel shake off your riding gear and get ready to ride.!!!

The Dam Good Time gathering

The Dam Good Time gathering

P.S. Check out the events photo gallery for Dam Good Time pics and also the 2018/2019 snowmobiling gallery for some current pics. Don’t forget to add a few of your own too.

J Rod Sherman

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