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Introducing Our Newsletter

To keep you better informed, we are developing a means for you to sign up and for us to send newsletters. This is due to a club policy change of eliminating US Postal Service mailings to members. This change will eliminate many hours of volunteer labor as well as postage expense. You may have noticed the new Subscribe form on this site. There are two boxes you can check. One will allow you to receive notifications of new blog posts (including trail reports) by email which is something we’ve been doing the a couple of years and the new choice to receive our newsletter. We hope you’ll choose both!

New Subscribe Form and the Newsletter Subscription List

Find our new subscribe form here. It is very short and simple. For those who have already subscribed to blog posts there’s no need to subscribe again, we’ve got you covered but we recommend you subscribe to newsletters as well which we will start sending soon. Members who filled out TMAs this past season (2013/2014) and entered an email address will be added to the newsletter subscription list so will receive the first newsletter. We are discussing how often to send them but approximately monthly seems to make the most sense. Expect less frequently during the off season and more often leading up to and during the riding season.

RSS Feeds Return

For those who like to read blog posts in your RSS reader we have restored those links in the sidebar. Here are some suggested RSS readers. I like for the iPhone/iPad called Newsify and a friend swears by Feedly.

Photos for Newsletter and Website

For now we are using the familiar header image above for the newsletter. I’ve included the footer image from the newsletter below. It’s composed of thumbnails from the Guest Uploads gallery. These are great shots! Keep them coming! We’d love to have new header photos for the newsletter and website. We’ll credit you if your photo gets chosen. newsletter_mosaic

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