First photo of completed new sign post!

All the signs were hung by the Dammers with care…

 Virgin trail

We were going to just groom to the Smoking Tree. Then we saw this virgin trail. He asked what I thought about heading toward Martha’s camp… I said sure! He said his obsession for grooming is a sickness and I was the enabler! :)

Heide is the first to share a photo of a new completed sign post to SmugMug. Riding in the groomer with Paul gave her the opportunity to come back with some great shots including this example of the handsome new signs. I imagine all Dammers will be riding with chins a bit higher. Could these be the most beautiful signs on all the VAST system of trails?

Heide has added comments to the photos so be sure to click the small balloon icon to view the comment window as you browse. (You can add your own comments about the photos too!) I’ve included one of Heide’s comments in the caption of the photo on the right that definitely tells the rest of the story! I’ve made a new gallery called Heide’s grooming gallery within the grooming category and added her trail work photos to the 2015 Trail Work gallery. A big thanks to Heide, for sharing her photos and I hope she has started a trend of photographing the new signs and sharing them. You too can show off your snowmobiling photography and have your own gallery to share with other club members if you send us some of your photos using our upload link. See more on our SmugMug page.

Complements to the sign builders/installers too!