Trail Work Photos 2016

Gwen has once again supplied us with some great photos that show some of the volunteers working to make the trails ready for snow. She says there were four work  days in October and November. I particularly like this one of Paul harnessed to a sign post! Those are tow straps being used to tow. I haven’t met Paul, but it’s clear that he’s a master of creative solutions.

Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. You can see the whole gallery of photos here: 2016 Trail Work. If you have questions or comments about them there’s a comment section right there on SmugMug for every photo or use the comment section below.

Not to be outdone in creativity by Paul, Gwen let her artistic side aim the camera at some of the beauty she found in the Chittenden woods. Check these out.

[SME_gallery ids=’3mqvZtn,Q2SfF8N,w9SzcJj,XbqP527,ZfbW3TS,NzwnnLC,JFd5dLX,2X3cpRK,nBPZkQN,kSKcmzf,2KgLjpt’ size=’ThumbURL’ columns=’3′ caption='{SMUGMUGCAPTION}’ link=’Large’ new=’Yes’]

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