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Better Email Notifications

While we are waiting for snow, I thought I’d give you the good news that email notifications will now be more readable on your mobile phone. Also the author of the post will be listed in the email now that Amy has joined up with Charlie in posting to the blog.

Groomer at Mountain Top

Groomer at Mountain Top

Featured Photo

Maybe you’ve seen this photo on Facebook or Instagram. It was taken by Amy at last year’s Dam Good Time held at Mountain Top Inn. In looking for a new homepage banner, it occurred to me that this photo would be perfect so, I asked and she sent me a copy. Thank you, Amy! Check it out on our homepage and while you are there review the Dam Good Time event coming up in February.

More Great Photos

Thanks to Gwen, there are tons of Trail Work Photos from 2019 on SmugMug. Our volunteers put a lot of work into the trails and you can check out the photos from all the work days in one gallery, early ones at the top and later ones as you scroll down. Enjoy!

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  1. Subscribers may have received both the old and the new email notification for this post. Now I have removed the old sending method so next post will only be the new notification. My mistake allows you to compare! Let me know what you think and if you would be in favor of the whole post contained in the email.

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