Chittenden Dammers donate to local Fire Department

Hello Everyone,

The Chittenden Dammers, a local snowmobile club,  recently presented a $1,000
donation to the Chittenden Fire Department. Pictured is the President of the
Chittenden Dammers, Dave Dutton (left), and Chief of the Chittenden Fire
Department, Gary Rowe (right), (Masks were momentarily removed for the
taking of the photo). The Chittenden Dammers are proud to aid the local
volunteer fire department. Chittenden is one of the 96% of rural towns in
Vermont where volunteer firefighters protect and provide invaluable service
to their communities.

The club develops and maintains approximately 45+ miles of trails across
both state and U.S. Forest Service land as well as private properties. The
trail system is utilized year-round by residents, non-residents and tourists
to the area for enjoyment of outdoor activities. As part of their overall
mission, the Chittenden Dammers commit to support of local organizations and
charities in the community. Previous charities assisted have included Child
First Advocacy Center of Rutland County, The Mitchell Therapy Pool and the
Chittenden Community Association. To further that commitment, the Chittenden
Dammers will be conducting a volunteer day this spring at The Rutland County
Humane Society in Pittsford.