Lifetime Achievement Award

This year the Chittenden Dammers Snowmobile Club created the 1st Lifetime Achievement Award to honor a member of our club.
The award is designed to recognize a long serving member of the club and a member who has gone above and beyond for many years. Someone who has always been there when the club has needed them for anything.
The club is excited to announce that we unanimously selected the team of Paul & Gwen Racine to receive this award!!
They both have donated a tremendous amount of their time year after year. We all benefit from their endless year round work. It could be going to meetings, traveling back and forth to pick up parts for the machine, maintaining the machine, going out on the trails in the summer, hanging trail signs, cutting trees, taking their own tractor out to fix the trails, or GROOMING ALL OUR TRAILS!! They are always there. This is all voluntary time and work and we all appreciate it so much.
 Thank you Paul and Gwen.