Please Help Nix the Abandoned Facebook Page

Unfortunately, there are two Chittenden Dammers pages on Facebook. We lost access to the original one and discovered Facebook makes no allowances for this scenario. In fact, they are so big they don’t even allow contact between users and the company.

Our solution was to make a new page which works fine but there are still some folks who find the old page and believe it is the active one. One thing we can do is if you once liked and followed that page, please go to it and “unlike” and “un-follow” it. This way if your friends visit the old page there will be no message that you, their friend, have liked the page. I’m listing both pages graphically with links below so you can make sure you “unlike” only the old one. While you are checking, make sure you have liked the new page! Thanks for your assistance with this.

Cliff, the Dammers Web Guy

Chittenden Dammers Facebook page

This is our CURRENT Facebook Page. Please like and Follow!

Abandoned Facebook Page

Abandoned Facebook Page. PLEASE unlike and un-follow!