Trail Report January 25,2019 After The Monsoon

Paul V and myself just checked out a portion of the Chittenden trail system.All things considered not that bad, nothing a few inches of snow and some cold temps can’t fix. We had couple inches on the back end of the rain but it is quite slushy in some spots .We are not recommending riding right now. 24 hours of cold and some snow will do wonders. If you do decide to ride tomorrow please be prepared for some funky areas and ride with caution. By staying off the trails at least today will allow slushy areas to set up decently and not become any more nasty. We’re still in the game just a bit of recovery is needed.  BTW Pittsfield is closed until they evaluate the situation.

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    • Erin on January 25, 2019 at 11:38 am
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    Thanks very much for the update. Hopefully get some more snow soon.

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