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Trail Report February 14,2020

Get your sleds gassed up and head out this weekend and enjoy some great snowmobiling in Chittenden. Paul has the Chittenden trails groomed very well and mother nature has topped them off with a few inches of fresh snow.  Enjoy, Ride Safely and “Ride Smooth”.    P.S.  The deadline for a “Dam Good Time ” …

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Trail Report February 6,2020

The greater Chittenden area has received between 4 and 6 inches of nice heavy snow and is currently being frosted by some freezing drizzle. This event has improved riding in lower elevations and made it even better up high.With the advertised Friday snow forecasted we should be in good shape. Paul and Gwen were out …

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Trail Report February 2,2020

Pittsfield has groomed both  Carmel and Blood Root as well as most of their trails, they did a super job along with Chittenden  ,high elevation riding in Chittenden and Pittsfield is very good  . Water bars and other obstacles still exist but the scenario is much improved . Lower elevations remain low snow. The extended …

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Breakfast Ride Postponed

     THE BREAKFAST RIDE SCHEDULED FOR SUNDAY FEBRUARY 2, 2020 HAS BEEN POSTPONED.   While riding in Chittenden is ok early season conditions. Over the mountain is quite rough with numerous water bars etc. This ride will be re scheduled when it gets better….

Trail Report January 29,2020

Mondays Snowprise added 6 to 8″in higher elevations.Lower areas very slim snow cover.Paul & Gwen have done some grooming as conditions have permitted. Groomed up to top of Mt Carmel . The other side is quite bumpy with lots of water bars & off camber bumps . Early season is somewhat rebooted but we still …

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