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Chittenden Trails Closed :(


Sorry to say the Chittenden Dammers trails are again closed.

Trail Report February 17, 2024

The trails in Chittenden are now reopened under the caution flag. We have received about 4-5 inches of snow recently which is enough to reopen using CAUTION.  Open water bars, rocks and other obstacles may be present so beware. Enough to scratch the itch. :)


Trails Temporarily Closed :(

Due to recent warm weather and lack of snow the Chittenden Dammers trails are closed until conditions permit reopening. Hopefully we are able to get back at it soon. Keep the faith the winter is not over yet.

Please Read Important !!!!

******WARNING******** It is with great disappointment that we write this notice. Recently the Mountain Top Resort has had multiple occasions of disrespectful snowmobilers. From belligerent riders upset and pulling the fire alarm because they were refused service for being drunk. To riders driving by and purposely ignoring the maintenance man, who was blocking the resort …

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