Subscribing Issues Resolved!

Thank you Newsletter subscribers for your patience as we rebuild our Newsletter subscriber list. Those who tried to resubscribe or update their email address may have been met with an impossible Captcha challenge where your carefully entered text was never accepted no matter how perfect it was. Talk about frustrating! I have replaced that nasty thing with the less nasty I’m not a robot check box that actually works as it should. Phew!

I’ve discovered the best way to make sure your subscription is the way you want it, is to use the Manage subscription link at the bottom of the notification emails you receive from the Chittenden Dammers be they from the blog or from the newsletter. I can’t provide you with this link because they are custom made for each subscriber. They are a thing of beauty! You click them and you go directly to your personal Manage subscription page with no need to prove you are not a robot!