Trail Report March 17,2018 ( TRAILS NOW GROOMED)

Happy St Pattys day to all .What a great day it is to be a rider in the Chittenden Area. Grooming is in full swing thanks to Paul & Doug . The trails are in great shape with lots of riders taking advantage of all this great snow with all the traffic and soft snow expect some bumpy ( in places)but excellent riding .  Enjoy and please ride safely and “Ride Smooth”


Blizzard Header

Pushing powder during the storm 

Trail Report March 16,2018

   The Chittenden area has received various amounts of snow between 2.5 and 3 feet or more depending where you are. The trails are currently sled packed and not groomed at this time . Grooming will continue as soon as possible. In the meantime enjoy the wonderful fresh powder . Ride Safely and “Ride Smooth”.

Trail report March 13,2018

  Well it’s snowing again. March is proving to be a great month of riding. The entire trail system was groomed yesterday ( Thank You Gwen & Paul) . The conditions are currently best of the season Pusinkill is excellent BTW. With long days perfect temps and abundant snow the time is right to ride. Please ride safely and “Ride Smooth”.

 A group of Chittenden Dammers out on an impromptu ride .

Trail Report March 9th 2018

   Snow continues to fall in the greater Chittenden area. Grooming has been underway however you will find some trails that are sled packed at this time. The trail leading to Wildcat Road from Chittenden that takes you towards Shrewsbury is quite rough in spots with some water bars so use caution in this area. Wild Cat road is passable and the trail is good to Rt 4. Shrewsbury has not been groomed as of 4:00 Pm Friday but is nicely tracked. Pittsfield has been grooming. Be aware of water bars and other obstacles . Ride safely and “Ride Smooth”.

Trail Report March 8th 2018

It’s game on!!!. The Chittenden area has recieved about 10 ” of new snow, that on top of other recent snow and leftover base has made riding in Chittenden possible once again. Paul is out grooming and it continues to snow lightly. Please watch out for water bars and other possible obstacles. Ride Safe and “Ride Smooth”.

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