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New Smart Phone Photo Uploader

Since lots of photos are taken with smart phones it only makes sense to share them directly from phones. No computer needed, no emailing, just an ADD PHOTOS button that lets you choose, not just one, but multiple photos, right from your phone to upload to our SmugMug site. Thanks to our new mobile version of the Chittenden …

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Nice Shot When the Trails were Snowy

A new shot on SmugMug. Not sure if it is from the December storm or more recent. Nice shot. Thanks to the photographer for sharing!

New Photos from Members

Several new photos have been added by club members. This photo links you to the Member Uploads gallery. They appear to be from the December storm as there are more shots of trees blocking the trail. Photo contributors: Please add some comments to your photos so we know where and when they were taken. Photo …

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New Grooming Photos!

Wow! Now that is some smooth trail! Some great shots have been added to our SmugMug gallery of photos. A big thanks to Heide for uploading these with our SmugMug uploader. Clicking the above photo will take you to the larger version on SmugMug where you will find other grooming and sled shots from 2014.

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First Guest Upload 2014!

Thank you Heide for being the first to upload a photo to our SmugMug gallery this year! The image above links to the full size image on SmugMug. Yes indeed, it looks like some great conditions when this shot was taken. There are more new 2014 shots on the Guest Uploads gallery. Check them out …

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