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Feb 17 2018

Trail Report February 17,2018 It’s Snowing :)

   The trails are in great shape firm but flat. It is currently snowing in Chittenden with about 6 inches of wet snow on top of the firm stuff. Looks … read more

Feb 16 2018

Trail Report February 16, 2018

  Conditions in Chittenden remain groomed flat with enough loose snow for good cooling, be aware that below freezing temps will set the snow up. The trails are well covered … read more

Feb 12 2018

Trail Report February 12 ,2018

  The trails made it through the damp weekend quite well. Paul has been out grooming today and things are in quite good shape.   The only issue is that … read more

Feb 10 2018

Trail Report February 10, 2018

    Trail conditions in Chittenden are the best of the season. Many trails have been groomed and others are sled packed. We are expecting quite a bit of traffic … read more

Feb 05 2018

Trail Report February 5,2018

Riding is back on in Chittenden.!! Two recent snow falls have once again made riding possible on the Chittenden Dammers trails. The first 6 ” Friday got things rolling and … read more

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