Trail Report January 7 2008 5:00 PM

This stormahas really given a nice boost to the Chittenden & Pittsfield trails.A nice 4 inches of slop really is nice along with the super grooming job Arlyn did the last few days ,the riding is the best of the season . Mt carmel on the Chittenden side is very good with the waterbars filled …

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Trail Report January 3 ,2009 5:30 PM

Chittenden mt Carmel/ Blood Root Mountians recieved a nice 6/8 inches of light fluffy snow which has really helped.We filled in most of the exposed waterbars going up Mt Carmel and Arlyn is out theregrooming as I type.Still not great conditions and highly variable but definately rideable using caution, we also cleared boiling springs and …

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Trail Report January 2 2009

The cold snap has helped set up the water.Chittenden Dam over blood Root was pretty good (probably a better choice than over Mt Carmel) with Variable conditions. Stay away from Boiling springs reported tree down & pretty rough go left at the smokeing tree. The Pittsfield side is definately better riding just plain more snow …

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Trail Report January 1 2009

We had about 1 inch of snow yesterday not enough to make the riding decent.It is rideable with caution but not great .If you really need a fix go for it but don’t expect too much.A few inches of snow will put it back to ok riding.

December 28 2008

The trails have hung on to a good base,however riding is not recomended at this time with open water and exposed rocks etc.The forcast calls fora cool down and a few inches of snow mid week followed by a potential more significant snow event Friday into Saturday …. Time will tell.